Saturday, 18 June 2016


I will be voting to remain in the European Union for the following reasons:

I have no problem whatsoever with immigration, whether from the EU or elsewhere. It is a sign of our prosperity not our impoverishment. What is more, I actually prefer the multi-cultural UK I live in now to the knotted-hanky and knobbly-knees UK I lived in 30 years ago.

Where UK public services are under strain, it is because of tax and spend choices the UK Government has made, not because of a growing population. Change the Government if you want more hospitals, or let them stay in if you want a small state and low taxes. Either way, it’s still your choice.

I am content with the basic vision of a confederal Europe based on sovereign nation states working together and I do not believe in ‘New World Order’ conspiracy theories.

Single markets need common trading rules and I have absolutely no problem with EU Law. Most of it simply regulates what we buy, eat and consume. Get used to it, it’s just called modernity.

The EU has enriched my life and that of my generation immeasurably.

I have not had to go through the horrors of a world war like my grandparents did.


My support for the EU is not unconditional however, and I will continue to fight vigorously to ensure that following are protected:

Subsidiarity – that sovereignty is always assumed to rest at the lowest level possible unless a convincing case can be made for pooling it higher up. I hold that to be true for Wales, the UK and the EU. But wanting greater freedom for the individual or one’s nation does not HAVE to mean abandoning cooperation. That is a false dichotomy. As a Welsh nationalist I do not discount mutually beneficial cooperation at a UK level, and I don’t discount it at a European or global level either.

Pluralism – that one size doesn’t fit all; that exceptions and differences are tolerated and celebrated; that uniformity and homogeneity are not pursued for their own sake; that diversity is recognized as one of nature’s greatest riches.

Redistribution – that the main purpose of any government should be to reduce economic inequality not increase it.

Progressivity – that government should be an agent of liberation and justice for disadvantaged and minority groups; that it should promote fairness and equality for all not just the ‘conforming’ majority.

Sustainability – that perpetual growth and untrammelled consumption are intellectually and morally bankrupt ideas; that government must take the lead in changing direction, of finding ways of combining prosperity, happiness and long-term sustainability.


It is my judgement that the benefits of being a member of the EU outweigh any dis-benefits at the moment. It is also my view that on balance the EU contributes positively to my 5 key principles above rather than work against them.
I will continue to observe and scrutinise the EU’s activities and development and campaign for those things which I think are important. I WILL let you know if my opinion changes in the future, but at the moment staying in the EU seems the only rational, ethical and intelligent thing to do.